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Recent university press release brings attention to one of our recent publications, showcasing thiouronium ylides as valuable olefination reagents.


MedChem Runner-up poster prize awarded to our group member Vincent Porte.


34 renouned Chemistry professors around Europe, among which our group leader, were selected with other 21 PhD students in the field, in order to...


Former group member Adriano Bauer has been awarded wtih the Karl-Schlögl prize from the ÖAW for his outstanding PhD-thesis work, carried out under the...


Chemistry Europe, a coalition of 16 chemical societies from 15 European countries publishing a range of high-quality scientific chemistry journals and...


Our group member Miran Lemmerer, in conjunction with Ludovica Martina Epasto (Dennis Kurzbach group) were awarded with funding for the "New Ideas"...


The Österreich Journal recently dedicated an entry (p.127, "Wissenschaft & Technik" section) to the work of our group regarding new and greener...


Our recent JOC publication "Electrochemical Umpolung C-H Functionalisation of Oxindoles" highlighted this month as one of the most read papers.


"Leveraging electron-deficient iminium intermediates in a general synthesis of valuable amines" has recently been referred in four entries of three...


We are pleased to see that our recent paper "Direct Synthesis of Enamides via Electrophilic Activation of Amides" published in July 2021 has been very...


Dr. Boris Maryasin was chosen as one of the Thieme Chemistry Journal Awardees 2022 by the editorial boards of Synlett, Synthesis, Synfacts.


Dr. Boris Maryasin received the best oral presentation award for his talk at the e-EuCo-CTC conference.